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About Earlene Young

Earlene Young, founder of Life Essentials

Earlene Young, the founder and owner of Life Essentials has been advising businesses regarding safety and preparedness for the past 30 years and comes from a very diversified background of industries.

Safety and preparedness has always been my passion. Early in my work life I personally witnessed some serious injuries to fellow employees due to a lack or absence of a safety policy. Further, there were no emergency supplies on hand to provide first-aid.

I became determined from there forward, to do everything in my power to see safety policies and procedures initiated wherever I worked, and to prepare for the unexpected event.
With the increase in recent years of natural disasters, man-made disasters, and economic down turns worldwide; I have increasingly felt it was imperative that businesses get prepared now for whatever might happen.

Life Essentials is the result of years of safety and preparedness experience, training and study. Using that experience, and the latest information from FEMA, the American Red Cross, The Department of Home Land Security, and several additional qualified sources, we have created a process that will work with any size business, to put an effective emergency/disaster and recovery plan in place. The process works for a company with 10 employees or 2000 employees; the process works the same.


We're all very excited about…..."Preparing Businesses to Survive the Unexpected."